Hello everyone,


Sorry for being so late yesterday with my post. I unfortunately realized that these 800ish word essays are quite hard to keep up with on a daily basis in addition to all the other aspects of life, but I still want to be putting something out everyday. So today we are going to be talking about moderation. Moderation is a concept that is like meeting in the middle. It’s super easy in theory and borderline impossible to perfect in reality. It’s effectively the bane of scheduling, which is something I talked about quite a bit earlier as something that is achievable for everyone. The problem is that moderation is something that is so easy to fall susceptible to as justification for avoiding a schedule. For example, people falsely use “lack of time” as compensation for laziness in relation to exercising. Seriously? So many people can exercise more, but they don’t (I am not exempt from this issue either).

At the same time, it would be immoderate to ask someone to go from 0 hours of exercising per week to 5 hours of exercise per day. That’s setting someone up for failure, which in turn is going to cause someone to feel incapable of success in that area. In my example of a person who is exercising, it will cause a person to not just stop exercising because their body is not ready for it, but also resent the idea of exercising, and will be less likely to come back to that idea every again. So to is it with blogging. Unfortunately, in an effort to start a blog in my break time, I overestimated my free time, and I realized that I will need to keep my essays to less than 500 words—not because I can’t write more (seriously, 800 words felt like too little sometimes) but because the time needed for these entries in a busy life is difficult. This is something you as a person can apply to your own life. Don’t cut something out of your life entirely, like exercise, scheduled writing, family time, or personal time for a fun activity. Rather, figure out where your breaking point is and move backward to where it is enjoyable. Then you win! If it’s exercising, maybe start at 5 hours a day, but when that’s too much cut back to 3 hours. If that’s still too much, cut it back to 1 hour. But don’t cut it out to the point where it’s meaningless (3 minutes of running with no warm up, no stretching, no weightlifting, etc, is pointless). On a personal note, I have realized that 800 words are just too many for my current lifestyle. So I may have to split up my ideas from day to day. Which in terms of coming up with material will make my life much easier. But don’t think of it as a depreciation in thought, instead think of it as an extension—now I get to spend 2 or more days presenting a subject!


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