Hello everyone,


Her body was slender, with a playful smile and the starry night in her eyes. She was compact, lightweight, with long, streaming hair that flowed down her back like water down a palm leaf in the morning sun. Her hands were rough, yet in spite of their grit they were careful, moving through the air with an air of nobility. Her skin was tanned by the sun, with a color like wet sand along the California coast. She walked with an air of confidence, yet a lack of the worry that often comes along with responsibility. She wore a long dress with the color of the Hawaiian Oceanside, which highlighted her long legs.

He was tall, well built, and presentable. His skin was dark from his weekend labors, save for the ringlet of skin covered by a watch. There was no smile on his face, instead he assumed the mask of polite seriousness. His eyes were piercing with their gaze, like an arrow whistling through the air before it hits its target. He was dressed in a simple black button down shirt, which strained against the muscles around his arms, and a well-worn pair of slacks.

They shared but a brief catch of the eyes as they passed each other, but that moment became a lifetime. He was lost, searching through the infinite universe within her eyes. He delved ever deeper, until he had reached the depths of her soul. And she did the same. She could see the pain of the hunt within his eyes. The loss, the sweat, the bellowing desire to express his struggle, all of which was held behind the thin membrane of his corneas. She shined her smile on him, as if inviting him to let himself out, and not feel constrained to the monotony of daily life. And for the first time in what must have been ages a smile began to pull at the edges of his lips. And just as his joy began to reflect the warm feeling she had imposed upon him, they passed each other, and lost that contact. There was no wave of loss though. She simply moved on to her destination, just a few feet past him, and embraced her cousin who was visiting from Florence. He, in turn, gripped the hands of his potential employers with the unrelenting confidence that had been so previously dedicated to exploring the skyline of her being.


And that was it! A bit of creative writing again here on my break day. Let me know what you think. Obviously, you can also note some of the gender roles that this writing creates, with the man coming off as dominant and powerful, where as the woman, while not weak, is certainly presented as being less…mature in her being. They also are pretty clearly objectified as people for your reading. There’s a reason there was no dialogue. Adieu! Until next time.



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