Hello everyone,


We are once again back from the weekend. I had an all right weekend, but unfortunately I have been sick. I was so sick that I had to take the day off today, which really is no fun. Fortunately, everyone in my life is understanding and did not make a huge deal out of it. Which is not always a common aspect for men. Men in society are often expected to be leaders. I’m sure it goes back to ancient mentality, where the men of the tribes were the hunters, and the alpha male was the leader of everyone. Today, our common gender roles for men are strong, dominant, sexually aggressive, unemotional, isolated, and hard working. Last week I talked about how women were pretty much the strict opposite of this, at least in terms of their roles in society, as well as some of the negative impacts these roles create on a woman in society. This week, I’ll be discussing the roles of men.

Today I would like to talk about how men are expected to be strong and dominant. The strength part is much like how women are expected to be physically appealing. Men aren’t held to the same precise body type and structure that women are held to—they don’t all have to be hyper thin, pale skinned, fit but not ripped people. They just have to be strong. Obviously the “ideal” man is still displayed as a man with big, well-cut arms, and a highly toned set of abs. But it really does not matter as much if they are black or white. It does not really matter if they are cut hard, or if they simply have that deep muscle strength (the kind that is not really visible unless displayed). But when you are a guy and you are not strong, in some ways it is even worse than a woman that isn’t pretty. A guy that is weak is not just physically unfortunate (we tell a lot of women that if they are not pretty enough, at least they can work). A weak man is incapable in all regards. It affects his work life—even if his work has no physical requirements. He could be an accountant at a law firm that literally sits at his desk typing all day. And if his physical prowess is not up to par, he would be looked down upon.

This goes hand in hand with the male expectation for dominance. Really men are dominant. They tell people what to do. I get a weird MMA vibe from this role, which kind of just expects a guy to hold down his enemy until he passes out. It is gross, and in many ways it is the root for all of the other problems men face. But if a man is not dominant, it is a crime like none other. It really holds over from the honor system, where gentlemen were expected to walk with an air of self-certainty. If a man was not dominant, his enemies would attack him at every point in time. Now, if a man is not dominant, he is seen as being a pansy, or an overall loser. Think of a stereotypical nerd. Thin, tiny, and squawking. He’s no ideal being. That’s the fear all men have to avoid being associated with.


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