Hello everyone,


So I talked about respect recently, and I wanted to follow up that discussion with a talk about an alternate perspective on things. I’m not saying that people should not be respectful to the best extent they possibly can be, but I also realize that sometimes being respectful includes bowing at the ideas of other. For example, being respectful of transgender people is pretty upstanding. Not only are they already suffering due to the hatred that exists within society over trans people, but there is also internal struggle that they must deal with on a regular basis because they don’t conform to social norms. Not accepting your biological sex as your gender is about as far away from the socialized norms in the world.

But before I get off topic discussing why America needs to do a better job at accepting people, I need to get to the actual topic today, which is self-promotion. One of the biggest offenders of this is Kanye West, which despite his hyper dominant, shoot first aim later attitude, is vastly successful. Seriously. Look at all the awards he’s one. He went $53 million in debt according to him, and he’s still crushing the music industry. He ripped a mic out of Taylor Swift’s hand, got massacred by the media, then used that as a platform for crediting himself with making her famous in his recent song Famous. He isn’t even subtle about it. Lyrics like “I am a God” are about as forward and self-assured as it gets. But in reality this could very easily be a façade. I have no doubt that to some extent this is real, he probably is quite an asshole and very vain. But think about it, if you don’t like your own product, how could anyone else?

Would you take Apple seriously if they used Dell products in their stores? What if McDonald’s credited Jack in the Box with having the best fast food burger? Humility is great and all, and in many areas it is fine to have, but in reality winning on a personal level requires ruthlessness. It’s part of why Trump is doing so well in the political scene. He’s made it all about him, and then he has been belittling to all other candidates. And it worked—Cruz just dropped out. Trump immediately reconciled with his voters, despite calling Cruz weak and what not just a few weeks ago, by saying that he was a great competitor. What? That doesn’t make any sense.

It doesn’t matter though, because so many people live willing to accept things at face value. Additionally, any claim like “I am a God” or “I am the best rapper” or “I make the best products” requires research to break down. Most people are too lazy to do research so they just accept whatever the asserted statement was. And even those who disprove it have to go out and experience it.

Take Kanye again. Claims he’s the best rapper in the game. To properly disprove this, a person would have listen to his music and judge it. Which means he’s gotten that many more people talking about him. Same is true for Trump. So while it may not be the most kind or morally even way to promote themselves, it is a successful tool.

I hope you understand the irony of my title now.


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