Hello everyone,


The Monday blues have set in and I am quite tired. You know that feeling where your eyes just can’t stay open and the bottoms of your eyelids feel like they’re lightly burning? Yep. It was a late Sunday night.

Speaking of Sunday, it was Mother’s day! Did you all do something fun? I have family on the mind since Mother’s day just happened, and my Father’s birthday is literally in two days. Family is one of those things that I think a lot of people take for granted. Perhaps it’s because the family dynamic often falls into a rhythm. I know I especially did not value my family a year ago in the same way that I value them today. The only major change was that I moved out of my immediate family’s house.

Which is interesting. Because I think before I moved out I did not really notice all the extra work my parents would do around the house just to keep things functional. I have no doubt that this is because I have to do many of these same chores now. But I also think that it has a lot to do with the fact that I am just removed from that dynamic that I was such a close part of. I no longer get woken up at 7:30 am to the sound of my little brothers running through the house and talking too loudly because they simply don’t have the awareness that other people are sleeping. Which is bittersweet. I love that I get to sleep until it is time for me to wake up. But at the same time I don’t see my family that often. Ironic to, since we’re only about 4 miles apart.

But with school, work, this blog, and what not, I really only can make time to see them once a week. Maybe this is a bit personal, but there are negatives to being removed from the immediate family dynamic, despite the numerous positives.

So I would implore you to consider taking a few moments to tell your family you love them. It seems really obvious. And if they live right down the hall from you, then they’ll probably just keep doing whatever they’re doing and mutter an “I know” or “love you too” back. But if they’re a few miles away, or across the country, or even on another continent, they probably don’t have it as directly impressed into their minds. Not that they don’t know you love them. But that hearing it probably means more to them—because they don’t see you, or because they can’t see the things you have done for them, or even because they simply might be lonely.

I know I personally I am lucky enough to have a family that extends this kind of love to me (my mother is probably even reading this blog post). And not every family has that opportunity. Sometimes families don’t get along at all. But nothing gets better by ignoring each other completely. The next words you say can define the rest of your life.


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