Hello everyone,


So today I wanted to talk about time. Of course, all time is a part of scheduling something here and there, but in reality time is constantly changing. By now, if you are reading this when it first is put up, have probably just gotten over that 2:00 PM slump (depending where you live, that is) and are on your way out the door in a couple hours. Or maybe you are reading this at home after a long day at work. It’s incredible how sometimes time seems to move…so…slow…

It’s almost like the world has just decided not to be there for you. How do you compensate for that? How do you catch up to time so that the hours at work don’t always feel like hours? One of the ways that works best for me is constantly being productive. This is usually hard, because it is really tiring. But some of the days that go the fastest are when I am completely busy for 8 hours of work. Suddenly, I check my watch and instead of being 10 AM it’s 12:30 PM and time for lunch. My mind was so busy with conquering the task at hand that I was unable to think about how slow time was passing by.

Another way, one that is often easier for people, because they often aren’t completely full on any given day of work, is to make the downtime fun somehow. One of my teachers picked up playing the ukulele in their free time because it seemed fun. And in the down time waiting for students to come around during office hours, they would practice. Again, all in order to take her mind off of how time passed.

The last way, which is much less productive but perhaps the most simple, is to simple browse things. Hours can be eaten away by simply browsing the Internet—Amazon, Facebook, News sites, various hobby site, and so on. They capture a person’s attention, much in the way that an interesting novel can catch a person’s attention, except on a less active level. And this is totally acceptable, but I find that some times when I have done this, my mind gets fatigued, because this sort of stimulation is all visual and mental. There is no physical aspect involved. My eyes get tired, or I finally get over reading another meme, and suddenly I am checking the clock again.

So if the office day isn’t going so well, find a way to take your mind off of what you are doing. It helps. Seriously. Or when you take your break, don’t just go on your phone and read some article or watch another video about cats. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Don’t let your blood stagnate and your brain stay on autopilot. It’ll make you feel better.


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