It’s eerie
How silent the world is
Inside your own mind

You can talk yourself into a stupor
How quickly 8 o’clock
Chimes 10

People you thought were friends
Or at least were trust worthy
Are instead feeding off your trust
And good nature

I’m sick of this waiting
I’m sick of this abuse
By people who smile to your face
And twist the knife when you look away

I’m sick of these people
So self centered in their worlds
That they forget about the universe
That they spit, trample, and crush
The people that try to do them well

I’m sick of the beautiful girls
Who claim to be even tempered
Or that they don’t abuse their appearance

Im sick of the men who say they are noble
When they don’t bat a second eye
At the people who hold the door for them

I’m sick of the children
Stuck inside these older bodies

I’m sick of these success stories
Who assume their superiority

I’m sick of the happy people
Who assume sadness
Is something that can be reduced

The people who think anger is controllable
The people who think hatred
Isn’t first born out of a seed of love

The people that think simply saying sorry
Is enough to calm the waves of red water
Beating across the shore of a mans heart

The people that think forgiveness
Is as easy as “it’s ok”
Or as easy as “no problem”

That they can be part of a world
Where all lives matter
Where no one is treated unequally
Where we don’t glare at former friends
Or love interests.

Buy your own fucking ticket.
There’s no encore for this show.


Hello everyone,


I had a tough weekend. Sorry for the late upload. I wrote this as a sporadic free verse poem after getting stood up on a date. Let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “STAND UP CITIZEN

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