Hey everyone,


I thought about doing something fun to reflect what I’m calling creative week! Exciting! I just finished school for the year and am on effective snooze mode. So to wake back up, I thought I’d get some creative…juices…flowing. And I’ll be putting up various creative writings every day! Here’s where I’m starting things off:



Do you hear the birds?

Their morning song is so sweet

Like warm honey tea.


Out of Bed

My eyes won’t open

As I stumble through the house

My mind is hazy



I turn the handles

Warm water pours on my head

Refreshed, at long last.



Eggs, sunny-side up

Avocado, sliced with salt

And lovely orange juice


The Rest of Days

Yet life is hollow,

Like a rotted willow tree,

Aching to be loved



Haikus! Let me know what you think of them!


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