It little profits that an idle King
Rest from his travels and wars.
As I sit upon this throne
Looking out at my countrymen,
I realize that not all that we once were
Is what we are today.
Surely, we are still unbeatable
I trust our steel nerve
Before all the blades in Troy.

But that does not mean we can lay
Like a sloth beneath the sun.
For those who slumber are often awoken
Cold, alone, and abandoned
In favor of more aspiring men.
That is, of course, if they awake at all.

But an iron fist does not cure all ailments.
As you know, despite our clenched fists
Still some fall through the cracks.
Am I not a good King?
Am I not the man who freed us from tyranny?
Why then do you doubt my throne?
Why then do you doubt my integrity?

Alas, it is true that even the most beautifully ripe fruits
Will go rotten given enough time.
Yet I am no fruit, I am his keeper
With my evergreen sunshine
And my purest waters
I can keep it fresh
Longer than most good men can.

Yet so many men
And women, or even our growing children
Assert their ability to protect.
They assume themselves as the keeper
And in doing so corrupt the strong.
Mine own daughter, Rhoda, is among them.
I know her intentions are good
But her actions are not.
They have become self interested
Like so many of our kin.
And through claims of good nature
They achieve nothing but danger.

Our throne is strong,
Yet in some strength lies greater peril.
Certainly, we are unbeatable in a fair battle
No army alone can muster the strength of our men
In fact, it would take more than 10 armies to match us.
But my friends, we live in a world of 100 armies,
To alienate them all
Is to sow the seeds of our own destruction.
We keep peace because war is costly
How many men must die before we wake up to this?
How many women must be beaten and abused?
How many children must be left homeless?
We can solve this problem.
It takes more than just steel nerves to fight injustice,
It takes a kind heart.
The willingness not to cross blades
And instead put up your swords
Until the time is ripe for them.


Hello everyone,


Today I made an attempt at a dramatic monologue in a style similar to that of Ulysses. It’s kinda macho. Which is intentional. But it mirrors aspects of our modern political spectrum (or at least tries to). Let me know what you think!


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