Do you ever wonder about the moon?

Or the sky and the stars?

Why are they there for us?

Aren’t we lucky?


No, but I do think about people.

And the smiles I have brought to their faces

Or the frowns.

Sometimes I think about the pain.


What pain, friend?

How can you feel pain in such a beautiful place?

How can you linger on the hurt in life,

When you have done so much good for us?


It’s not good enough.

Even through the waves of smiles,

All I see is the suffering

The rot in the stomachs of those I’ve left behind.


Do no linger on the people in your past.

Even if you left them, they too have left you.

All any of us have in this life,

Are the ever changing hands of those we love.


But what about those we have loved?

What about those who used to love us?

What good are the moon and the sky and the stars,

When all we want is a hand to hold and heart that is healed?


Hey everyone,


This was just a little poetic dialogue I put together late last night while I was thinking about things. Do you ever have those nights? Where the world just feels etherial? Let me know what you think!


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