Hello everyone,


I hope you all liked my piece yesterday (if you didn’t read it, just keep scrolling down). Talking about war is something that’s hard for me to do because I am pretty anti-violence. I call myself a pacifist but I am uncertain the extent of the reality of that. I know there are situations in which fighting is the only safe way out. I also know that sometimes refusal to battle is seen as weakness. Which can cause more people to attack. That being said, I do have great respect for our armed forces (though I disagree strongly with many of the people eager to send them out to war). It takes a lot of guts to go to war.

That being said, we live in a weird time. A time where being a warrior doesn’t mean you are honorable. Or that you are honored. Take our Vietnam veterans as a prime example of this. They put their lives on the line while countless officials and high-level administrative decisions caused one of the most laughable errors in American history. And how did we reward these brave men? Well, if you hear accounts, many were literally spit on as they stepped off the planes. Most Vietnam veterans are too ashamed to take pride in their positions, because of the treatment they received when they got home. Thousands of veterans sleep out in the cold at night because we have horrible veteran’s benefits programs.

We also live in a world where letting strangers into your house can be dangerous. One of the advantages of living in an honor based society, or even a society that focused more heavily on personal interaction is that we could trust people more easily. And people were less likely to betray our trust. We could open our doors to travellers; give them a warm meal, and a place to sleep. Now people are lucky to ring a doorbell and receive a polite hello.

With this being the case, it’s no wonder so many people are against their children going to war. Seriously. I can’t imagine crippling my child’s opportunities simply to potentially stop a threat. It’s all rhetoric by the people in power to keep the common person sacrificing their lives for “the greater good.” Of course, I’m not saying that there is no need for sacrifice. But we no longer reward those who sacrifice so much. Money is the basic reward, but who can put a price on the lives of a warrior? Can we really just put it on the government to pay their bills? Shouldn’t we be putting it on everyone who is protected? And I don’t just mean filling in more taxes for people—but that certainly is a fair price for security. I think that the businesses should be more open to supporting veterans. Have classes or sessions at local doctors offices to help veterans through physical and mental trauma. It’s time to start looking out for each other more, and stop looking out just for ourselves.


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