Hey everyone,


Today is day one of my vacation, but I wanted to keep everyone involved in what I’m doing here, so I’ve written quite a few blog posts ahead of time to do that! Today I’m writing the first one…unfortunately I have no idea what to write it on since I’m sort of all written out for the day!


I paused mid sentence while writing the blog to talk to my housemate, a nice girl that I get along with really well. Then realized our conversation was a perfectly interesting thing to duplicate for a future blog. Check it out:

“I just sang to a sapling. I helped it and it was more robust.”

With harmonic voice:

“Sapling’s, come to meeeee, let me sing to youuuu”

Very stoically:

“ ‘Bedraggled’ they use such good vocabulary.”

“Who’s they?”

“The elves.”

“The elves or the writers?”

“The writers!”

Pause. She takes a sip of water.


“What are you singing?”

“Oh just some song that was in my mind. I want to find my sister!”


“Well I wanted to show her the wedding place of Aragorn.”


“Yeah, she’s probably asleep though.”

“At 1:40?”

“Well sometimes she stays up late.”

“I mean same but I’m surprised your parents let her do it.”

“Yeah I mean like they sometimes are surprised she’s asleep but meh.”

“Must be nice.”


Pause. Another sip of water.

“My parents probably wouldn’t say anything to me, but they’d give me that look. Like I had somehow failed them or that I was a terrible citizen.”

“Wow. Harsh.”


Silence. Music of chains and minor battle cries play softly. The air conditioning turns on.

“Well, Kevin is stopping by shortly, so I have to get cleaning.”

“Wait I just got to the tree.”


Silence. I walk out of the room.


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