There are two ways to divide

The beauty of women in my eyes.

Plain and Pleasing.


A women defined as pleasing is rounded.

Firm. The kind of girl who makes eyes wander.

And stomachs growl.


Personally though, I find the plain woman more lovely.

She isn’t defined merely by her looks.

The kind of woman who doesn’t just attract the eyes and stomachs of men,

But also the heart and the minds.


It’s true, she may not pull the same crowd.

Or command the same attention.

But her words carry more value,

And the sweet, sometimes timid smile

Can move mountains.


See, the love for a plain woman does not pull from the gut.

That fades slowly, like a digested meal.

It solidifies within a man,

And becomes the centerpiece of his mind.


Truly, there is no greater beauty in a person,

Than that which becomes personal.

The ray of sunshine coming in through the window,

And the quiet breath of as morning wakes her being.


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