I feel so alone.

It’s crippling.

It starts in the belly,

Like a hunger or a growl.

Then it spreads into the lungs,

Shortening breaths and causing coughing fits.


When it finally reaches the heart,

It takes special care to pull and tug.

It aches like an open wound.

It aches like a broken bone.

It aches like the sight of one you used to love.


It creeps into the arms and legs after,

Making them grow weak and heavy.

To where the smallest leaf,

Feels like an enormous boulder.

To where each step,

Feels like a hundred miles.


It catches the throat

Like a spider catches a fly.

Each breath shivers away,

Almost as if I were going to cry.


But nothing is worse than when it reaches the eyes.

For the eyes are where it shows the most.

Suddenly people realize things aren’t ok.

Suddenly people shun you away.

Suddenly people wonder what to say.

And you can see them losing hope.


I feel all alone.

It’s crippling.

My body has been consumed.

My mind has been left to rot.

My will has been broken

And I have become empty.


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