“Look at the sky!

It’s red and orange and pink.”

He said as he tugged at her thigh.

All she could do was smile at him and think.

What did I do to deserve this man?

They sat in the shade of a mimosa tree,

Nibbling at food, sitting hand in hand.

Their children ran about being free.

Her dress danced in the summer breeze,

Tickling her ankles, or was that her son?

Not one year old, and already saying please.

It was days like that, when things were so fun.

Yet that night she would feel her husband’s drink,

As he made her beautiful face red and orange and pink.


Hey everyone,


This was a quick Sonnet I put together. It doesn’t follow classic Shakespearian Iambic Pentameter, but it was something that caught me nonetheless. I’m not sure if I made it right, but hopefully the message is clear enough. Let me know what you think!


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