Look now at the two girls sitting there.
They sit like the modern day princess,

Sweet, innocent, beautiful and fair.

They talk, share photos, and jest.

One has a smile like stars,

And eyes like a fine mahogany table

And a ferocity in her smile to match great Mars.

Despite her left leg looking unstable.

The other is dressed in all blue.

She’s thin, fair, and polite

And laughs with a glorious hue.

There’s no doubt she knows what’s right.

Look now at the girl bringing my plate

Her hair is a masterwork of colors

Her hands as nimble enough to craft a crêpe.

And she walks as delicately as a flower.

“Viva la France” she says with a grin

And sets my plate before me.

I cut a bite and bring it steaming to my chin.

The mushrooms and olives fill me with glee.

She turns on a heel, like a dancer in a show,

Bustling about between the lively crowd

Delivering food to where it needs to go.

The glow of her face makes her look so proud.

Look now at me, sitting at this table l alone.

What are the chances that you would have known,

That I sit near such gorgeous women

And have the power of words to woo them

Yet where I see beauty beyond compare
They simply see an ugly stare.

Like I have some sort of sinister plan,

Or that I won’t be who I say I am.

Like I would sooner steal them away

Than simply appreciate their company.

Like I must trick their for their time

Yet give no care as to how it costs mine.

Look now at the man all alone,

His hope and happiness all but gone.

Eating alone at Crêpes de Paris

With a beauty only he could see.


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