Hello everyone,


What? 20 minutes till I have to do something at work? AH! Ok, time to type fast. So I was curious what everyone thought about convenience and productivity, and have decided to go into a discussion about it today. First of all, if you don’t know these terms, or have a different definition than I do, I’ll share how I define them. Convenience, in relation to business, is effectively the idea of a drive-thru of a McDonalds or Starbucks. It’s quick, easy, and at your disposal in minutes. There’s one close to nearly everyone, and it’s relatively cheap (at least, McDonalds is). It’s also lower quality.

To contrast this, productivity is loosely antithetical to convenience. Productivity I define as something requiring more work, and then following through with it. For example, at the small business I work at, productivity overall is fairly low. Typically people on shift don’t do a whole lot. I like to think of myself as the exception to this rule, but I’m sure I have taken more lax days. Typically though, the store will fall into states of minor disrepair, and to compensate this I will clean things up, as well as organizing things so that they become more streamlined. Alphabetizing things often helps with this, but in general maintaining a level of consistency throughout organization is typically more important.

Sometimes, sorting too much can cause for a lack of productivity as well. Eventually, if everything is sorted, and then sorted again, and then sorted again, the time spent sorting again becomes a waste of time. I said a few moments ago that productivity was antithetical to convenience. It’s somewhat true but also is a bit unfair to say, because they take up separate roles—the role of the consumer versus the business. The higher productivity at an establishment, the higher the level of convenience available for the consumer. This provides an avenue for customers to feel less stressed about their shopping.

Alright, well that’s all I have time for today, have a great day!


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