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Wow a Monday that not everyone hates?! What’s going on! Alright, so today is Labor Day, which you probably were already aware of. Now, if you are anything like me, then you probably have had that conversation where someone says “isn’t it funny how we don’t work on Labor Day?” and everyone goes “oh yeah you’re right” or “that’s so interesting.” Which is a great conversations starter, but altogether not very hard to figure out.

I mean lets think about it. A holiday is a celebration of something. So a celebration of labor is what happens on Labor Day. So what should we do, work? No, celebrate! But today I’d like to talk about why we celebrate. I mean, there are a few reasons, but mostly because we work for each other. The whole point of working is to have an alternative to struggling through life that requires us to provide everything for ourselves. It’s significantly easier to have one person that makes food, one person that is a doctor, one person that hunts, and so on, that to expect everyone to be able to do it all.

Of course, our society is more complex than that. Which is part of progress. Unfortunately, we have nobody to monitor the value of each position. Well, we do, but we also don’t. For example, we have bosses and CEOs that are capable of deciding what people “deserve” to be paid. And that’s all well and good, because for the most part, it’s their money. However, the problem with this organizational tree is that it leads to a corruption via greed.

That is to say, greed often leads to a pinching of purses, or abuses of power. It’s easy to write off those at the top being the best choices to make pay level decisions. Or those entitled to it. But that defeats the purpose of working for each other. Which is part of why we have Labor Unions. Which is good at combating the CEOs of the world who are lost in their own greed.

Realistically, if we wanted to simply have businesses that worked to provide people with good jobs that also was progressing the world, we would have someone capable of limiting those in power. I’m not entirely sure how to do it. It could be going through another group who are capable of doing so. But this sounds like an unfair requirement to put on businesses, since then they are at the mercy of if these groups become corrupt.

Personally, I think that the best way to tackle this problem is to have an employee who’s job it is to figure out all pay levels—including CEOs. Unfortunately, this could lead to someone abusing their power, but this person can still be fired. Of course, to avoid employee bulling they would need to have some amount of job security (for example, they can’t get fired for not giving a CEO a raise).

Regardless, we should take the day to enjoy and appreciate the work we do for the world, as well as the work the world does for us. What do you think? Does having someone capable of monitoring pay levels seem fair? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Equitable pay laws/comparable worth evaluations help to determine if employee wages are fair. Information taken into consideration includes comparing similar jobs in terms of level of responsibility, education level required and risks on th job… Human resources should
    be responsible for the task of determining worthy wages, and if a business is small and does not have a human resource department, they should be required to report statistics about fairness in the wages they pay out. This would provide oversight to help avoid unfair wage gaps… 🙂

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