Hello everyone,


We’ve made it though another successful holiday! Time to get back to work. It’s Monday on a Tuesday. Wait. That’s not how it works. Anyways, today I don’t really have anything in my heart that I really want to talk about. But I’m sitting here in the office waiting for someone to tell me my responsibilities for the day. Listening to “Through the Wire” by Kanye West on Pandora, which I recently found out is about how he broke his jaw and rapped an album anyways.

Hey I found a topic! This is a good example of dividing people between the hard working and the uninspired. Let’s take this as an example. Kanye broke his jaw before he finished an album that he needed to release. Rather than say “well, my voice doesn’t sound right, let’s figure out how to make it sound right” so he overlaid several other voices throughout the song in order to make something that sounded he good. And he rapped himself, which probably hurt quite a bit. Imagine it hurting whenever you opened your mouth. That’s pretty much what a broken jaw would do, unless you were completely drugged up—which is a possibility I suppose.

Regardless, this example shows what someone who is inspired and has desire to achieve their goals can do. Which is to over come the hardships placed before them. Certainly, this isn’t to say go out and run a marathon on a broken leg because you wanted to compete in the upcoming competition. But it does mean that when you feel like things go poorly, or when you feel like giving up, make sure that there isn’t another avenue to success. Because there very well might be.

For a broken jaw, change how music works; for a writer, maybe go out and find something new to write about; for a teacher, find an alternate way to communicate; for an actor, maybe look for a different way to voice your character. Maybe this blog doesn’t have to just be about what’s on my mind, maybe it can have poetry, and other creative writing (see what I did there? That’s something I already did to expand my writing!). Regardless, it takes persistence. It takes saying “I’ve looked at every possible way I can do this. Now lets make another way.”

Every major artist has a story, and in many of those stories there is a struggle. Think of anyone, from Bach to Eminem, and there usually is as many good times as bad. Or not. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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