Hello everyone,
Let’s talk about the United States of America. I’ve been learning about other countries and how they interact recently. For example, Germany has a recycling program that is vastly superior to ours, and in doing so, uses much less energy. Denmark has a social system in place that allows them luxuries that many family’s in America do not get. So why, then, is America called the greatest country on Earth?

Rhetoric. Rhetoric is used to control and manipulate people, and the US is very good at it. I mean, it’s in the name of the country. “United,” a word meaning to come together, often seen as being against an enemy. Our country is one that impresses the idea that we are forever together, and speaking against that is against the country. Which is ironic, since our laws say otherwise (see responses to Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem). But this rhetoric is repeated throughout the nation to do a specific thing. It keeps people quite. It keeps people unquestioning. And it overshadows real problems.

I strongly dislike Donald Trump, but he’s right in saying that America is not great. Of course, he’s wrong in asserting it was ever great if he believes it used to be great compared to today, and he’s wrong about why America isn’t great, but our union is not really that united. We are divided over so many issues. Healthcare. Welfare. Child abuse. Domestic disputes. Foreign entanglements. Business arrangements. Abortion. Climate change. The list goes on. And the problem is that there is a division in our thought processes. Now, surely everyone thinks differently. I doubt all Germans appreciate or see a need for recycling. But they realize it’s importance for unity.

Too many people do not realize that we are not a United States if we cannot find true unity. And the people in power aren’t the people who want it to be found. I don’t mean the president, but the lawmakers, and the businessmen and women who sponsor them. People like Donald Trump, who blame other people aspiring toward the idea of “the American Dream” for crimes they have not committed. To find unity, we have to find common ground based not in feelings, but in facts. Concrete data, where we can see the problems with our world and fix them. And then find pride in fixing those problems. World War II is a good example of this, because it brought everyone together under one banner. But it shouldn’t take a war to look for positive common ground. Unity should not come strictly in the face of death. It should be found in things as simple as “let’s find a way to get rid of this trash.”

What do you think? Is that impossible? Our nation is much larger than the European ones mentioned, does that make this goal unobtainable? Let me know!


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