I can’t talk long, they’re coming for me. All I can hope for is that you will get this message. What you see around you is an illusion. Everything around you is an illusion. You can catch it slipping every once in a while. Like when you walk through a door and forget what you were doing, or when you have a sudden twitch in you eye. Or that weird buzzing that feels like your phone had vibrated, but it was just a spasm in your leg.

Why do you think, when you look through a mirror, there is always someone looking back at you? Do you ever smile because that person was smiling back? But if they are you, then who are you? Which one of you is really “you?” You see, they’ve hidden reality from you, behind computer screens and American dreams. It’s to keep your eyes away from what’s really there, to keep your mind from seeing through the lies and deception.

They’ve divided us mentally by our race, our sex, our social class, and so on. It’s ever changing to keep up as we get ever closer to understanding. And then they divide us physically. They’ll put oceans between families and walls between landscapes. There are no borders to humankind, yet we have borders between one another. Ask yourself, who put them there?

I ask, no no, I beg of you, please take this message down. Memorize it, take it to heart- we must stand up. Stand up against the enemy. Spread this message, make it the spark that starts the roaring fire for us all. Wake us up. Please!


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