I’m feeling a little uncomfortable,

Because all these people speaking for me

Some how made it impossible to see

That I am not totally vulnerable.

Such good intentioned people gone awry,

Thinking I have been done great injustice.

They speak like Antony and Augustus,

Before they made Rome’s democracy die.

They speak for me, yet they do not speak true.

They know nothing about my heritage,

And still they presume to know my baggage;

That the Killing Fields were in plain view.

All they have done is assert their own self,

And further clouded who I really am,

The truth is, they don’t really give a damn,

They argue to cure their personal health.

*Quick note, I don’t own this image, but it’s super cool. I couldn’t find the artist to credit them, but if you know, please let me know so I can.


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