Hello everyone.


There are a lot of writing exercises that are done to get creative juices flowing. Sometimes there are quick writes, sometimes there are poetic writings, and I do a lot of them. A hard one is writing a story without punctuation, or capitalization, or anything related to Modern English grammar, which I am going to do today. It’s really difficult for me to do, and I recommend you read it out loud, because it is much easier to do that than read it in you mind. It is supposed to be a little jolting. Enjoy!:


we were watching the bee fly by when there was suddenly a strong wind that picked up him up and took him away to his next adventure for us we were still sitting on our red and white blanket and sipping at our red wine there was a lot of interesting flavors and honestly i have never been one to enjoy wine but my partner was enthralled by it the cheese and the bread was fresh and were a wonderful compliment to the wine as the day rolled by we drunk our wine and became quite intoxicated so much so that our words slurred and our giggles became more and more childish which in many ways made the afternoon more beautiful of course not all things can last and eventually the sunset arrived our picnic basket left empty and our glasses tossed aside i felt her hands in mine as the sun turned the skyline orange before us the clouds became a beautiful golden until eventually the light snuffed out all together the stars came out and we leaned back onto the blanket to look out into the sky above us and saw the moon a half sliver to bat away in the night and we lay there with out hands interlocked to drift away into a cool sleep until the temperature dropped and we awoke with a start it was night and there was nobody around us no children swinging no dogs barking just a few crickets chirping away the night she yawned and wiped the sleep in her eyes away before looking up to meet my gaze she smiled and accidentally knocked an empty wine bottle over we watched it roll down the hill slowly before eventually coming to a stop a small duck from the lake a short distance away came waddling over and tripped over the bottle in the darkness we shared a laugh before gathering our stuff up to go home i slipped my shoes back on which was a gruff change from the cool pricks of the grass to the hard innersoles of the shoe lining my shoes were well worn and quite a shabby site but she did not care because they were just shoes we walked carried our bottles like drunken sailors to make our walk more interesting because it is fun to escape from the struggles of the world around you sometimes even if in the morning we both would have work to do when we finally did get home things it must have been two or three in the morning because steven our neighbor was asleep and he is quite the night owl we stumbled up the stairs trying to stifle our giggles i reached for my keys and fumbled with the lock before finally getting it unlocked as i put my hand on the door to open up she put her hand on my chin and turned me to look at her she was a full head shorter than me but the quickly stood up to peck my lips with her own i felt a little dazed and she sunk back to the ground with a smile then she looked at the door expectantly and we walked inside as we had so many times before i loved her company and she loved mine but we were in no way demanding of each other when things happened they happened and when they did not they did not in the end when our heads hit our pillows we were out sawing logs but as i sank into a deep sleep i knew it had been another great day with her


Ok. Whew, that’s over with. What’d you think? Did it flow better the more you read it? Should I do this again? Let me know!


*I do not own the featured image. Credit to the photographer, though I could not find their name.


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