The alarm bell rings.

My eyes open. It stings.

The long night and early morning

Remind me that today will be boring.


I cook my breakfast; pack my lunch,

Tell the world “thanks a bunch,”

For another day it’s given me

To feel lost in the monotony.


I make the drive out to work

Through the 6:00 AM murk,

Then slog my way through the day

I can’t help but notice the gray.


The walls, the desk, the ceiling too,

Would probably be more alive in blue

Or red or yellow, or even green,

Instead, it’s a faded scene.


10:24, she left my text on read.

I wonder if she went to bed?

Or maybe she was with another guy,

Its not like I expected a reply.


12:01, it’s time time to eat

My white bread sandwich with dry meat.

My mind wanders to the weekend,

Where I went out and vacationed.


I took a trip to the Bahamas,

Away from all the baby-mamas

That live on the floor of my apartment,

Whose children seem to be hellbent.


1:01 and back to work,

I noticed that my boss will lurk

Around at the back of the room.

He’s like a figure of impending doom.


The day goes by very slowly,

And as it progresses I feel lonely.

Until eventually the five o’clock bell rings

And all my coworkers begin to sing.


I drive home through fading skies,

And arrive as stars start to rise.

Another day come to its end,

Till tomorrow when I do it all again.



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