My teacher lied to me.

They told me that I should work hard,

They told me that I could be anything,

They told me that I would get a job.


Instead, I’m stuck here,

Pushing papers, licking stamps,


To keep myself off the street.


And maybe I don’t deserve a salary

With a six-figure bonus,

Or meals made by Gordon Ramsey,

But I don’t think I should be homeless.


My teacher lied to me,

And maybe it wasn’t their fault.

And maybe the world was out to get me

And maybe it was meant to be.


But when so many people

Struggle to put food on the table,

And to get a full night’s sleep

Because they have to work.


Why lie to me?


The gutter knows nothing about hope;

The rain knows nothing about the cold;

But we, we know all of these things

Like we know the dirt on our hands.


My teacher lied to me

And told me that I was free

Because, in truth, they were afraid to say

The realities I now live every day.



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