Take your broken heart

Make it into art;

Make your mind smart

Before things fall apart.


Lest you become an Okonkwo.

The greatest man of his tribe,

Yet he was brought low

Through the faults in his pride.


I don’t know what it is

That makes good people,

And I don’t know how his

Would follow a man so evil.


Except for that the invader

Is rarely held to his word.

He will claim to be the savior

Of an unsuspecting herd.


He’ll take them

And break them,

And batter and shake them,


He’ll blame them

And shame them,

And in the end enslave them


Until they are bruised

And broken


But at least he got his profit

At least he got a dollar off it,

At least he’s willing to speak his mind,

At least he isn’t expected to be kind.


And a hush falls over the crowd,

Now he has his chance.

He raises his hands and screams “Unite!”

And, defeated, they bow to his plans.



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