Close your eyes and open your mind

Never forget that you’re one of a kind


That’s what mama used to tell me

On rainy days, while we watched TV.

I’d ask her why one guy would say a phrase

That put their enemies into a daze.


And she’d tell me to figure it out

Otherwise all the questions I spout

Would cause a storm, like the one outside

And I shouldn’t expect the world to provide.


I’d sit in wonder and sip my hot chocolate

And my consciousness would move off it.

But deep down my mind would be turning

To find the answer for which I’d been yearning.


And my mind would spin ’til I was dizzy

And I’d worked myself all up into a tizzy.

Then I’d pass out for a minute or two

Seduced to sleep by the warmth of the brew


And in my dreams I’d be lucky to find

An answer that was indeed one of a kind.


And from that message I’ve brought this to you

A reminder that if, to yourself, you stay true

The storms outside won’t be quite so scary

And a night by the fire will make you more merry.



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