Happy birthday my friend

Whom I barely know.

Birthday wishes I send

‘Cause you make my heart go.

I couldn’t get a gift

‘Cause I didn’t have time

So let me mend our rift

With some poetic rhyme.

You are so beautiful

With your lips and your hair.

You turn me to a fool

When we are together.

I cherish when we walk

To our class in the rain

Though every time you talk

You cleft my heart in twain.

For though I am a friend-

One I adore to be-

I’ll be sad in the end,

As my heart is for thee.


Though in truth you deserve

The most perfect of men.

One with a valiant nerve,

Who is more than a pen.


So write your own tale,

For the thing that makes you

Is that you don’t pale

When people speak untrue.


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