Hier, I had a dream

Where I was writing in French.

I forgot the end.


But I can recall

So much of what transpired:

I spoke to a girl.


She was fiery

With red hair and charisma;

We had met in class.


I was not myself—

For I too had confidence;

Enough to tell jokes.


We strolled hand in hand

Through the green grass and great trees

To a lone meadow.


We talked for a time

Through the sunset and the night

On a bench we’d found.


But lo and behold

It morphed away, as dreams do,

And I was alone.


Scrawling at the page

With an ink quill of crimson,

I wrote frantically.


I tried to capture

The story of her and I

Against my dream’s tide.


And the tide pulled me,

Like the Somme river:

Quite unstoppably.


I was in a room

With a poor, crying black girl

Who I didn’t know.


I wrote her story.

She was raped today.

“C’etait mon oncle.”


She cried out in pain.

It was a man she had loved

Driven mad with lust.


I put my hand out

To try to comfort her cries

But she was too far.


A mile away;

Then two, then three. Yet her tears

Were still crystal clear.


I began to drown

Under the weight of my guilt.

The pages were damp.


A sea of red ink

Swallowed me in a vortex

And left me bloodied.


And in Erebus

I found myself at judgment.

With a tipped scale.


They were all golden:

The coins, the desks, and the chairs.

Save for his red pen.


MY red pen, rather.

The irony of writers:

Judged at their own hand.


And He said to me…

Alas, the dream cuts off there;

In a stroke of red ink.


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