I pledge allegiance to the flag


My young eyes followed

Each word on the board dutifully,

As we spoke,

Because I had been told

That’s what a patriot would do.


Of the United States of America


My home.

Well, my country, at least,

My home was there, too,

But just down the street,

Next to Mikey’s house.

I had never been to somewhere like Texas

Or Tennessee.

Ma said it wasn’t safe there.


And to the Republic, for which is stands,


And what exactly

Do we stand for?

I wondered.

Uncle Rob and Mom

Were arguing over that

Just the other day.

“You poor people

Are all the same.

Fat. Lazy.

And so irritating,

Begging for my money.”

He had spit.

I remember the contempt in his eyes

When his gaze fell on me.


One nation, under God, indivisible


Of course, the divide in our family

Was made long before yesterday evening.

Mom had married a Muslim.

And because he translated God

To Allah

Uncle Rob acted like dad was a terrorist.

Then again, so did my classmates,

Which is why mom drops me off



With liberty and justice for all.


At the time,

When I rocked back and forth on my heels,

Hand clasped over my heart,

I did not know the term “irony,”


But as I would learn,

In my public schooling,

The ideas of “liberty” and “justice”

Are riddled with it.


Where was the liberty

When my father was executed

By Mikey’s dad,

The “self-proclaimed” patriot?


Where was the justice

When my mother grew weak and weary

From over exhaustion,

While Uncle Rob

Grew fat

With his riches?


“For all,”

Echoed through my mind,

As we took our seats in class.

The tattered walls,

The creaky floors,

The wobbly desks,

All reminded me

What a perfect lie that was.


There’s no justice for us.



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