The party’s over; the party was nice.

Those two little hussies called your name twice,

But here you are at four a.m. alone,

With no one to join you on the drive home.


Now it might be good to visit Denny’s.

Scrounge together the last of your pennies

And buy yourself a nice plate of pancakes.

I doubt they can tell how much your heart aches.


Lather your cakes in a syrup so sweet,

Like you lather your life with women’s meat.

Remember all the girls with which you’ve lied—

How you made them swallow spoons of your pride?


But in three years they’ll be a happy muse,

And you’ll still be here with four a.m. blues.



*          *          *


Did you post your pic? Did you sing your song?

How many likes do you need to be strong?

You left him on read, now, isn’t that cruel.

Just ‘cause you think looking single is cool.


You sway down the sidewalk while cars drive by.

With heels in hand and a glassy eye.

You stagger to a lonely breakfast stop;

Trip on the Porsche in the handicap spot.


Sure, Tom will be mad that you’re late back home,

But isn’t that why he’s in the friend zone?

Slip in the booth with the dapper rich man,

And ask him to drive you home if he can.


You might think that you have nothing to lose,

‘Till he puts you in the four a.m. blues.


*          *          *


You both had your fun, back at his fine place;

Woke up the neighbors with your reckless pace.

The screams, the moans, and the childish grins;

Both ache to relieve the weight of their sins.


He rises and smokes a detached cigar,

And you have no clue as to where you are.

The heat in your loins hasn’t calmed the pain;

You know, he doesn’t even know your name.


She lies there staring at the crimson wall,

And you have no clue as to if she’ll call.

The ache in your heart set in as she came,

‘Cause she had called out someone else’s name.


Tomorrow you’ll both tell friends the good news,

But I’ll still know ‘bout your four a.m. blues.



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