It was the end of the world.

The streets were burning,

The oceans were churning,

And that’s when I realized

That I loved you.


I was there, running,

From a monstrous beast

Through a collapsing hallway

When it hit me

That I loved you.


And when I felled the beast,

I knew I had to find you.


So I traversed the sea,

Climbed mountains, and

Walked miles,

Ever telling myself

That I loved you.


I bloodied my arms,

Battered my limbs, and

Endured sleepless nights

As my mind screamed to me

That I loved you.


I crawled wearily,

Weak from malnutrition,

Afraid each day was my last.

My only respite was

That I loved you.


And when I had crossed the last street,

And used the ends of my strength

Just to knock at your door.

I knew it was true

That I loved you.


And then you opened the door,


And eternity passed between us.


The hate, the anger,

The pain, the love,

The lost friendship,

The bitter words.


Like a wave from the ocean,

It all washed away.


There you stood:

Shorter than me,

Yet somehow tall.

Perfectly beautiful

And shocked.


I opened my mouth,

But my words

Abandoned me.

For no words,

Could compare

To how I felt.


And to my surprise,

You grasped me,

Held me, and

Cried on me.


I felt the words

I love you

Fall out of my mouth.

Though I had not

Bidden my tongue to say them.


And you turned to me

And whispered

That I love you




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