People take life

Too seriously.


They turn a two-dollar


Into a two hour


Sure, I was late.

Give me a break,

I made a mistake,

Get over it.


It’s not like I haven’t

Sacrificed before;

Gone on late lunches,

Passed up breaks,


Strained muscles



But they don’t care

About the sacrifices you’ve made.

They only care

For the hours you’re paid.


They only care

That you accommodate their whim,

Paying no mind

To the pain in your hymn.


And the minute you

Stand up

To speak up for yourself

They immediately make up

An excuse

For their self.


And when all’s

Said and done,

A good worker knows,

That instead of


The problem to blows.

It’s easier to quit

And start again

Than it is to remit

And keep appeasing them.



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