I didn’t

Expect to see you


Or really,


To see you again.


And now that you’re here

I’ve never felt so…

Lost for words.

I mean don’t get me wrong,

You’re still exactly as


I remember you.


Your hair,

The deep, long


That haunts me

To this day.


Your eyes,

Closed now,

But still full

Of so much life;

So much light.


Your smile.

The tiny fret

That hung against

Your strained lips,

As you faked it

In front of our parents.


The touch of

Your cheeks,


Against the back

Of my fingers.


Oh, I remember you.


You don’t look a day older

Than when you left me.

And yet you’ve aged

Like a fine wine.


Though your hair has grayed,

And your face shows wrinkles,

You’ve never been more beautiful

Than you are today.


And I don’t even know

What I’m doing here.

Nobody knows me.

I turned up because

I saw your name,

Like a relic from the past,

Across every newspaper,

Every TV station,

And every Facebook feed.


And you would think

That with all this time apart

I would have found the words

To finally tell you

How much I missed you.


Even if you can’t hear me.


Even if the last words between us

Were “get out.”

Even if the tears of today do not

Forgive the sins of my past.


Because the obituaries

Just see you

For all you accomplished.

They see you

As some of object

For mankind.




“An actress

Like no other.”

“A true inspiration

For women



They never saw

The little girl,

Teary eyed

At her first role

In the school play.


They never saw

The young teen,

Frozen in fear

Back stage.


Do you remember that?

You don’t.

You can’t.

You were off stage right,

And they’d just said you cue,

And you were stuck there,

Till I pushed you out on stage.


And you were wonderful.


But they never saw that.

They’ll never see that.

Only I saw that.

And I’m sorry.

I am so sorry


That I wasn’t there;

That I put my work

Before your love;

That I put my words

Before your thoughts;

That I put my wants

Before your needs.


I’m sorry.

And I just wish

That I could have told you

Before it was too late…

But it is too late now.

So all I can say is




Hello there!


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