If all men are dogs,

Then are all women frogs?

And are all mice men?

What’s that make children then?

But we all drink water;

We all have a father;

We all feel the pain

That’s driving us insane.


The pain of being alone,

Stuck inside a world

That’s bigger than our own.

Do you remember the days of old?

The days when our family

Was more valuable that gold.

Days before the calamity,

When we became preachers

Of goodness and chastity.

In the days where our leaders

Didn’t sell us out to greed,

And the land was our teacher.

Those days when we were free.

Free to be, you and me.

But those good days have long gone past,

The end of the world has come at last,

And machines order us throughout our days,

Because we let them put us in this haze.


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