It was a fine summer day


the kind of day that is made

for drinking lemon iced tea

on white-cushioned porch chairs.


the kind of day filled with children,

laughing as they dodge between

sprinkler arcs and tree branches.


Which is why, when the phone rang,

we felt a kind of ominous shock

as the peaceful air was broken

by the impending sound of technology.


Part of me wishes we had smiled

and kept still in our cozy seats.

Part of me wishes we had unplugged

it and let the cord hang there, limp.


But the call of the electric siren

is a hard spell to resist,

and like Butes before us

we were seduced to answer.


The voice on the other side was sweet,

like a bar of milk chocolate

devoured far to hastily.


Your father had a heart attack.


And suddenly, that perfect day

felt utterly rotten.



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