I didn’t think I’d write a poem

that was fueled by hatred

but I think it’s about time

that my hate was satiated.


Or that I was appreciated

or that you reciprocated


‘Cause this whole time

I’ve been pulling strings

so your pain could be



and I’ve been deflated,

like a popped balloon.


Who knew that it would end so soon?

That you would play me like tune

and I’d be playing the buffoon?


Now every time you’re in the room

I can’t help wishing for your doom.


For someone to come in,

take you out, and

leave you buried

in a tomb.


Too much?


Well let me say it without a doubt:

You better get the extinguisher

‘Cause now the fire’s coming out.


You told me that your love was free

but all you did was sell me pain

and now you’ve put that blame on me

so you can watch me go insane.


You watched me

kill, murder, maim, shoot, slay, and torture,

while you

still furthered pain, out making disorder.


we were a thing; that I gave you a daughter,

but when that beauty popped out

I knew I wasn’t the father.


So go to hell.



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