Hello everyone,


I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and how I write things on it. I love doing it, and plan to continue to do so for as long as that is true, but after looking at analytics (and polling my own energy), Tuesday seems to be a quiet day. I was growing bored of the serious talks on Tuesdays, which is why I made the switch to dream discussions, but even then I’ve often feel like I’m…sorta phoning it in? I don’t know.

Anyways, I wanted to explain this, because, at least for a little while, I want to take Tuesday’s off writing—but I’m really not a politician. I don’t like doing things and then not explaining myself. So yeah. Short post today for my sanity. I plan to continue writing Tuesday’s, but not publicly. That being said, it might be a good break for me. I like to take the weekends days away from writing, to clear my head, but having a personal day during the week will let me tackle other projects. Plus, it’s not like we’re ditching something I was really secure on. OK, cool. Well with that, I’ll see you all tomorrow. 🙂


– Cassady


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