Hello everyone!

I’m a college graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, with a BA in English Literature. I’m a pretty simple guy, but I am densely theoretical, and I like to help people. So, armed with nothing but my mind, Microsoft Word, and the internet (which is not always for the best), I hope to make a case for humanity. I often use creative writing as an outlet to express both personal and public squabbles. I have a broad range of abilities, and I try to hone them every weekday. If you wish to contact me, please email me at cassady30@gmail.com (and please, make it clear somehow that you aren’t a virus or scam artist…sorry Nigerian princes). I will do my best to respond. Oh. And if you like my work, please follow me for more. Plus, following helps me out. So…win-win?



– Cassady


Find me on social media:

Instagram: @cassadyblog

Facebook: @cassadyorha

Twitter: @cassady_orha


P.S. Here’s my weekly schedule for writing subjects.

Monday – A poem

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – 5 (count ’em!) haikus

Thursday – A short story

Friday – A love poem

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off


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