Hello everyone,

I had a blood orange today. Have you ever had one before? They’re absolutely to die for. They can be a bit hard to peel sometimes, but it’s well worth the struggle. After a few minutes of breaking off the reddish-orange exterior, your thumbs will probably be coated with a pink juice. The best part for someone who has only eaten plain oranges his whole life is that deep red that catches the eye where there should be orange. It really looks like someone injected a dye into the base of the fruit.

Then the first bite happens. Immediately, the juice within bursts through the membrane encapsulating the entire event. The flavor hits the tastebuds before the texture does. It’s so devilishly sweet, which is perhaps a feeling tied into the morbidity of the name. A smile creeps across my face, something that so few other fruits so passionately entertain. The citrusy smell that splits the air is riddled with the sweet smell that contradicts the poignant taste. But the whole experience is something you’ll never forget.

A bit excessive with my explanation right? Today, however briefly because I am clearly running late, I wanted to lament some ideas about excess. Firstly, it is important to recognize when something has become excessive. Too much food, too much sex, too many drugs, its all part of the problem. And it can be really, really hard to realize this-know that I personally have been unable to recognize personal excess until well after it changed how I lived my life. One of the best ways to combat this excess is to not cut it off entirely, but to subvert it. For me, this takes the form of eating tastier foods. I absolutely love eating out, to the point where I have gained weight and lost quite a bit of money. It’s unhealthy to eat like that too often, and in all likely hood it also depreciates my understanding of what it means to be a well rounded person. So I turned to things like, say, blood oranges. They’re exotic, which catches a similar vein to eating out (that is, they aren’t the “normal” foods), but they are also a healthy, fresh alternative. Treat the rest of life like that, and suddenly things are not just tasting better, they’re also feeling better too. There’s a certain wholeness that people get from accomplishing things themselves-whether its pride in their work or happiness in the outcome. Which is more valuable than any amount of money, because it is intangible. When I get my paycheck, sure, I’m happy that I can pay for gas and what not, but when I crack open that blood orange and watch it’s innards slosh onto the plate? That’s a different kind of satisfaction. The kind of satisfaction that make you want to go out and accomplish something, rather than with, say, money, where you are pigeonholed into keeping it all to yourself. Which is something we need more of in this hyper competitive world nowadays.