The road had become so routine that my half-closed eyes hardly noticed the flickering of my headlights. So too did they miss the tankard smashing through the center divider; straight into the car behind me. Nor did they attend to the bloody arm reaching for help as I drove away.



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Why ruin such a beautiful view

With buildings?

Can you picture the skyline

Devoid of human progress?


No pointy buildings

No gashes on the clouds

No cars running

And drowning out the sounds.


No rows of dead trees

From the polluted air

No smell on the breeze

From the industrial lair


Just you and the hill for miles to see

Can you picture what that wonder would be?



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Hello everyone,


Alright, I don’t have much time to write so I’ll try to make this quick! Today is the first day of hopefully my last year as an undergrad at Cal Poly Pomona. Which is super cool. That being said, through my first three years of college I’ve learned a lot about the problems with this campus. The worst of the worst is parking. Which is something I’d like to talk about today a little bit.

Now, if you’ve never been to Cal Poly Pomona, you may be like “parking sucks everywhere, why does it matter so much at this school?” And that’s totally fine, because I’m writing about this to enlighten everyone to ways to improve parking problems. First and foremost, I need to explain the situation. Parking costs $134.00 per quarter. Which is pretty steep. $402.00 per year just to park in the designated parking on campus is not very affordable (not including summer parking). And Cal Poly has some 20,000+ students. Maybe more. Do the math. That’s over $8 Million per year. And sure, we need to pay for people who work here, but according to my discussion with the parking department, they are a separate entity from the school…so this $8 million doesn’t go directly to school funding…I’m not sure how many people work there in the parking services, police department, and so on, but I have to feel like $8 million is more than enough to cover costs. Even if everyone had $100,000.00 salaries, I can’t imagine one school needing 80 people working in parking. But people certainly don’t have that kind of a salary.

So…where does this money go? Well, as noticed this year, Cal Poly just got a second parking structure. Suddenly that money makes a lot more sense. It costs quite a bit to build a nice parking structure. Though the whole need for another parking structure arose because A) so many people attend Cal Poly and B) because the staff lot had to be demolished due to poor architectural planning on another building on campus.

Basically…there was a cluster of bad choices. But the worst is that all this new parking to accommodate people has left the campus’s “good” parking to be a full 15 minute walk away from most buildings. Not to mention traffic is hell on campus. I left at 9:15 for my class today, which started at 10:00. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to get off the 10 freeway at Kellogg avenue, based on where I live. I was late to class. And I’m seasoned at this, so I knew not to look for “good” parking, and instead just drive straight to wherever nobody would think to have parked—the brand new parking structure. Which is maybe a 3 mile drive from the exit, since it winds around. That took me a solid 30 minutes to travel. Why? Because there’s no space! There’s a one and occasionally two lane road all the way through, littered with terribly placed stop light, which are on terrible timers. When one person has to turn left, and it’s a one lane road, traffic backs up forever. This is so poorly planned.

But who suffers through it? Students. And nobody cares about students. So do I expect a change? No. Which I think is unfair. What do you think? Let me know!


Hello everyone,


Good afternoon! We’re here again for another Monday. Yay! Do you feel my heavy sarcasm? Good. Ok, so this weekend I had the unfortunate experience of driving my friend to the airport. It was all well and good before suddenly we hit an exhaust pipe that was stranded in the middle of the road! Which was super scary. We were driving and the car I was behind was pretty high off the ground. I drive a pretty low to the ground car. So we were chatting as most people do in the car, with him probably staring out the window or checking his phone, and me with my eyes glued to the road. And suddenly I see something appear out from below the car in front of me, and before I can even check my side mirrors to see if it’s safe to swerve out of the way, we are on top of it.

There was a loud bang and the whole car seemed to lift up for a moment before coming back down hard. It was so powerful that the dirt on my floor mat sprung into the air and landed on my hands. Three lights came on, and I quickly pulled over to the side of the freeway. I threw the emergency lights on, turned my car off and hopped out of my car. I looked back, and saw this brown liquid that looked somewhat like a spilled Starbucks coffee streaked across the freeway. I walked back to see how far it went, and it matched our track all the way back to the car. I kept walking to find out what I had hit (at the time, I had not idea what it was because I only saw it for a half a second).

It was about 200 paces back that I saw the exhaust pipe. It was a huge, black mass of metal—it must have come off a semi truck. It was still in the middle of the freeway. There was nothing I could do about it, we were on the 105, and cars were constantly passing by. When I walked back to my car, I saw the pool of oil that had built up. Quite a bit of the oil had drained out and was now on the side of the road. I examined the front of my car, and while it didn’t appear too torn up on the front, the bottom looked horrible. I eventually got it towed, and my friend called an Uber to get to his flight. But that was my experience this weekend.

I was pretty distraught this weekend until my family pointed out to me that it could have gone worse. Depending on the angle, the pipe very easily could have bounced up and gone through the windshield, which could have potentially impaled me. Still, it’s a total pain to deal with. Know what I mean? Anyways, I thought I should share that with you all. Have you had any scary car experiences? Let me know!