The icy snowflakes

Fall like a flower’s petals;

Bring winter to life


The Monster

The monster is here

To reign terror over us.

I can’t control it.


Taste of Pain

You cannot tell me

What I should do with my life

’til you taste my pain.



She tastes like honey

And she can move like sugar,

But, boy, does she bite.


Peppermint Nostalgia

I smell peppermint.

It reminds me of my home

In between the rain.



“Merry Christmas one and all”

Echoed the television down the hall.

All the children were filled with cheer

Yet I just wished to have you here.

I just wanted to hold your hand,

Give you the flower that I’d planned

As your gift for this Christmas Day.

But now it begins to wither away.

The once vibrant petals begin to wilt,

And in my heart I feel the guilt

Of a kind man who had been too quiet.

To afraid to cause a riot.

Because to you I am just a friend,

Just another reliable bookend.

And it makes me bite my tongue

Out of fear that we will be undone;

That our friendship will be submerged

If I tell you those little words.

So please, Saint Nick, grant me this:

The courage to ask her for a kiss.

The courage to be something new.

And the courage to tell her “I love you.”