When it really boils down to it,

Changing a life only takes three words.

I’ve written paragraphs, essays,

And, afterwards,

They still walk away.

Until one day,

I met a girl who caught my voice

And silenced me.


It was very very frightening

To feel my heart race heightening

Or that my throat was tightening

From such bolt of lightning.


And the pause.


The little silence out in the air

As the wind blew through her hair.

The little pitter-patter of the rain,

Breaking against the concrete.


She’d smile,

And look away,

While I choked up

The nerve to say…


I was scared.

I had waited too long,

Like a wrong noted played

At the end of a song.


Her eyes looked down

And she hinted at frown

And I felt like a clown

At a formal dinner.



All the paragraphs; the essays;

All the words I knew

Paled in comparison

To her saying

“I love you.”



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If passion is red

And sadness is blue

Then can it be said

That I’m purple without you?


Or maybe you make me

Into a rainbow.

A colonnade of glee

Across the sky I’d go.


Because every time

You and I are together

You replace the grime

With colors to remember.


I want a girl that looks like a flower,

And I need a girl that acts like a tree.

Maybe it’s the hypocrisy in me,

But Miss Daisy’s got that special power.


Because she’s pretty like flowers should be,

But she’s got the roots of a solid oak.

I can drink in her scent and feel it soak

Deep into my soul as she sets me free.


For I am the spring wind to her pollen,

Rain to her roots, and sun to her petals,

But for me she’s the source of my mettle.

She’s the last light before I have fallen.


It burns me when people see Miss Daisy

As a simple object that’s too be plucked,

When I, myself, cannot even construct,

The impact that she has had on me.