Hello everyone,


So as I was listening to George Carlin last night, I was thinking about the world and some other aspects of life. And I was specifically listening to him talk about entropy. Which is such an interesting concept. Entropy is basically the idea that things tend toward the chaotic in nature. For example, a built house will eventually break down if it is not kept up.

Which means that it is natural for things to break down over time—something we are made aware of in death. Since entropy is an aspect of nature, it therefore means that it is an aspect of life as well. Which means that aspects of human kind will break down over time if we don’t take measures to keep them up. For example, look at the Trump campaign. A vast number of people call him the second coming of Hitler, or the end of the United States. Which are both hard points to prove, though there certainly are indicators that either of these statements could be true. My point by bringing his campaign into this is to see how chaotic a bit of destabilization can cause the norms of the world.

As you’ve no doubt heard, a massive portion of his rhetoric is hateful against anyone but the white male. It’s divisive, but it’s more than that, it’s chaotic. Look at all the Southerners who have been allowed to run rampant through the media with comments like “Kill Clinton.” It’s a breakdown from society into anarchy. Now while this is natural, I want to reassert order because, in all reality, humanity is anything but natural. I mean, sure, in the literal sense we are just another creature, but people talk about the divide between natural and unnatural at the border of humanity. So let’s also point out that it is the job of humanity to escape the natural in order to achieve a higher society. I’ve mentioned this in economic aspects, moral victories, and so on. It’s our job to make the world a safer place. Chaos is inherently not safe.

Of course, it’s tempting to fall into chaotic tendencies. Typically, chaos has a hot, burning association with it—which may have developed out of Christian “fire and brimstone” rhetoric. Either way, it’s something that can be associated with various aspects of passion. Which is why chaos can be so grabbing to people, even without them realizing it.

I’m often reminded of the Joker from The Dark Knight when I think about these kinds of things. As an agent of chaos, he was something dangerous, because he caused things to break down. And while the reality was that he was a man with a plan, unlike what the movie made him out to be, it’s true that an upset to the established order can cause everything to break down. It’s like getting out of a rhythm. Think of order as a musical group. It’s really easy to play a song or two after some practice, but if you play for hours and hours on end, more and more mistakes with emerge, until eventually things are no longer harmonious. What do you think? Are we on a collision course with chaos? Let me know!