I’ve never seen a more handsome couple

Than my best friend and his hesitant bride.

Which isn’t to say that either’s supple,

But that no lovers exhibit such pride.

He’s round ‘bout the edges, and pudgy too;

With a mouth you can’t take home to mother.

And he loves to make a hullabaloo

By saying that they don’t love each other.

And I’m not quite sure I’d call her a catch.

She’s quiet, and a tad bit annoying.

She’s the kind of girl that would leave a scratch,

And I would prob’bly find disappointing.

Yet together, somehow, they pirouette,

Like he’s Romeo to her Juliet.



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Hello everyone,


Today I wanted to discuss the dreaded “friend zone.” Which is a term I strongly dislike, but at the same time have experienced the feelings that tie to what people often deem “the friend zone.” Before I get into it, in case you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps you don’t really date nowadays), the friend zone is a space in which a love interest of a person does not reciprocate that person’s interests, however both people still want to be friends. I hear this situation come up most commonly where girls tells guys they think of them as a friend, rather than a romantic partner, though that may be simply my experience. I do not hear women talk about being “friend zoned” often at all.

Ok, so I don’t like the term “friend zone” because it dismisses one person’s opinion. I mean, not literally, in the sense that the person in the friend zone is willing to stay there, but it indicates that the relationship is not what that person wants it to be, despite the fact that being friends is what makes the other person comfortable. The friend wants to be able to say to this person “man I’m having problems with a crush,” and not have them say something stupid back, like “well if we went on a date I’d treat you right.” That does not help them. That’s selfish. I think it is reasonable to assume that if they are friends with that person, they probably view that person as a decent human being.

That being said, it is also a reasonable reaction to a situation in this day and age (what, you thought I would just cram my opinion down your throat? Nah, that’s not what we’re here for). Lets think about it. Today is often about being sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. If someone doesn’t appreciate something, they should be able to tell that person how they feel. Someone should never feel trapped. There is always the opportunity to leave, but there is not always the opportunity to stay. Let’s take a Hollywood cliché love example. Guy loves girl, girl rejects guy, but he persists until she eventually comes around. I mean, everyone adores Beauty and the Beast, and that’s pretty much how it goes, right? So if this is the rhetoric that everyone hears, then it’s not unreasonable for a guy to be expected to persist, is it? The idea that love follows rejection leads to ignoring rejection. It reduces the “we are not dating” mentality to “we are not dating right now.”

This concept is supported in our culture in all ways. “Don’t give up,” “hard work pays off,” and so on. If a person just tries hard enough, they can be whatever they want. Even happily married. There’s something romantic about crossing a barrier to win over a loved one. Which I think is what the thought process is for those who believe in the friend zone. They think their interest just has not seen the beauty of them yet. Which is a hard thing to disagree with, especially when we aren’t willing to ignore the feelings of others.



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My friend, how often do you cry?

I see the remnants on your cheeks

And the cold, damp stains on your sheets.

Yet there is no red in your eye.


My friend, how often do you hide?

I see the mask of gold smiles

And the fancy perfume vials.

Yet neither is at your bedside.


My friend, what is it you feel?

I see sorrow dance on your lips

With each of those martini sips.

Is there nothing I can heal?


My friend, please tell me what to do,

I want to see what is in your soul;

To be the one who makes you whole,

Because I love your point of view.


Or rather, my friend, because I love you.



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Happy birthday my friend

Whom I barely know.

Birthday wishes I send

‘Cause you make my heart go.

I couldn’t get a gift

‘Cause I didn’t have time

So let me mend our rift

With some poetic rhyme.

You are so beautiful

With your lips and your hair.

You turn me to a fool

When we are together.

I cherish when we walk

To our class in the rain

Though every time you talk

You cleft my heart in twain.

For though I am a friend-

One I adore to be-

I’ll be sad in the end,

As my heart is for thee.


Though in truth you deserve

The most perfect of men.

One with a valiant nerve,

Who is more than a pen.


So write your own tale,

For the thing that makes you

Is that you don’t pale

When people speak untrue.



I just ate the griddle

No, not the pan.

I mean THE griddle
The pancake place

Off Sunset

In LA.

Never heard of it?
Look it up

Drive out

Wait 40 minutes

And take a seat.
Make sure you bring a friend.

It’s dangerous to go alone.

The pancakes.

They’re HUGE.
They’re like tiny moon

Perfectly rounded

Full of mystery

But you can eat them.
Except you can’t.

You’ll never survive a short stack alone.
But take your pick:



Red velvet

The list goes on.
Breathe in the Vermont syrup smell

Watch your worries

Wash away

And enjoy your stay


I wrote a poem for you

But I didn’t think you’d want it.

So I let it go.

I let it fly out across the wind

Up and up

Until I couldn’t see it again.

And I’m told it flew so far

That it passed through storms

And sunny skies alike.

Until, finally, it landed

In a hot, vapid fire

And it was consumed

For the paper fuel it was.


In that way, I suppose,

It was like me.


In the valley there is a Cave

To which few people get to have

More than a moment to visit.

Yet when in my youth I viewed it

I came to find the love of life.

It’s the sanctuary from strife,

The protector against the cold,

For all people, from young to old.


When I heard that the Cave collapsed,

All the memories that had lapsed

Came to the forefront of my head,

To mourn that a great man were dead.


A beard is like an age old friend;

One both constant yet forgotten.

Mine own shades himself like autumn;

Brown with reds to speckle and blend.
And yet, he is also like me.

Once, he was a spry and young thing,

Until life showed what it had to bring.

Now we all know what he can be.
But there is still time for a change.

Shaved, he can be reborn anew,

To show the world what he can do;

Prove nothing to be out of range.
Or, he can sit around and gray,

And watch his strength begin to wane.

To fester his own life’s disdain.

Until white winter comes to say:
“Let me take these hard years from you.

No more kin, and much less than kind.

With me, on your journey you’ll find

The sleep you’ve wished for to be true”
A good friend would not let this pass,

He would grasp the bristles of life,

Like a beard in moments of strife,

And show he had more line to cast.


Hello everyone,


I recently became able to grow a (small) beard, and my mother challenged me to write a poem about it. So I did. Let me know what you think! It’s a little weird, I know.


Hey everyone,


Today is day one of my vacation, but I wanted to keep everyone involved in what I’m doing here, so I’ve written quite a few blog posts ahead of time to do that! Today I’m writing the first one…unfortunately I have no idea what to write it on since I’m sort of all written out for the day!


I paused mid sentence while writing the blog to talk to my housemate, a nice girl that I get along with really well. Then realized our conversation was a perfectly interesting thing to duplicate for a future blog. Check it out:

“I just sang to a sapling. I helped it and it was more robust.”

With harmonic voice:

“Sapling’s, come to meeeee, let me sing to youuuu”

Very stoically:

“ ‘Bedraggled’ they use such good vocabulary.”

“Who’s they?”

“The elves.”

“The elves or the writers?”

“The writers!”

Pause. She takes a sip of water.


“What are you singing?”

“Oh just some song that was in my mind. I want to find my sister!”


“Well I wanted to show her the wedding place of Aragorn.”


“Yeah, she’s probably asleep though.”

“At 1:40?”

“Well sometimes she stays up late.”

“I mean same but I’m surprised your parents let her do it.”

“Yeah I mean like they sometimes are surprised she’s asleep but meh.”

“Must be nice.”


Pause. Another sip of water.

“My parents probably wouldn’t say anything to me, but they’d give me that look. Like I had somehow failed them or that I was a terrible citizen.”

“Wow. Harsh.”


Silence. Music of chains and minor battle cries play softly. The air conditioning turns on.

“Well, Kevin is stopping by shortly, so I have to get cleaning.”

“Wait I just got to the tree.”


Silence. I walk out of the room.


Hello everyone,


Today I wanted to talk about othering, specifically because of Pokemon Go!. In Pokemon Go!, there are “teams” that you can select: Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct, which are all supposed to represent different sets of values. Now, I’m up in the air as to whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to have added these teams to the game, since the game makes players pick a team and thereby identify with that team, but it is a thing nonetheless.

So lets talk about some of the pros of making these teams. By forcing players to pick a team, they cause players to identify with something. This is good because it creates a sense of camaraderie and community within the greater Pokemon Go! scene. Which creates a bridge for players to communicate between one another and bond. In turn, this can lead to friendships that transcend the borders of our communities. Seriously, I was recently added to a small Pokemon Go! Facebook group that already has a few hundred members. It can also make for fun sporting rivalry between the three teams. This also allows for people looking to use Pokemon Go! as a common identification method more ability to divide players—for example, lets say there is a store looking to add competition between players as well as make teams. Isn’t it super easy to simply have them split into different Pokemon Go! teams? Not only will it be a fun contemporary term, but it also will make the connection between teams instant and strong, rather than awkward and fleeting.

Ok, so the good aside, here is the problem with making teams like this. There is no regulation, which means that on Facebook and so on, some of these playful feuds and sporting rivalries will escalate into full blown discrimination. In that group I mentioned above, Team Instinct is being picked on as the lesser of the three teams already. Which is a scary proposition for a game that released less than a full week ago. How far will it escalate? Can we expect to see gang-like activity from these crowds? The othering that occurs as a result of splitting the game into teams creates a strange duality in which this game that was popularized through nerd culture has created cliques of “good” and “bad” within the community.

So what’s the best thing to do about this? Well for now, nothing. I don’t have the answers, and the reality is that there is a non-zero chance that this game won’t just die out quickly if the other issues of the game (incomplete worldwide release, lack of certain desired game modes, etc) are left unfixed. Additionally, the extreme aspects of othering within Pokemon Go! are not entirely mean spirited yet. There is a good chance that they won’t evolve into worst territories. However, if things do get worse, it is important to have a plan of attack. Which is simple—eliminate the teams. Seriously. Teams are cool and all, but why not leave the clique making to actual small groups of friends? They’ll get together to play still—heck I know groups of people going for bike rides and everything. Anyways, let me know what your ideas are on the subject. Have a great day!