People ask me who I am,

And I happily reply “Cassady!”

Now, they don’t know what that really means.

Because people think of Cassady

As being a girls name.

Or rather, the gross misspelling of

“Cassidy,” the popular girl’s name.


A few of the older ones

Might think I’m a Dead Head spawn,

And others might say

That I drove the Further

Like a bat out of hell

In another life.


Still more might think of me,

Riding along next to Sundance

Talking big about Bolivia.

I think I like that one best—

And they’ll tell you that thinking,

That’s what I’m good at.


But sometimes I wish that “Cassady”

Wasn’t a name that had to be

Held up to all this scrutiny,

And could be someone that just was me.




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