A Man Sits in the Room – 3

A man sits in the room.

He has taken up tapping; usually with a pen, against the paper on the desk, but every once in a while I’ll catch him rapping his fingers on the wall. It is driving me insane.

It’s like the slow rolling tick of a clock. Sometimes he loses himself and strikes the surface so hard he shocks himself out of the daze. You know how it is, when the world is lost when you adventure in your mind.

He seems to have found other motivation as well. The ink pours so much like a waterfall nowadays, you might be temped to think he was copying a book, rather than writing one. Unfortunately, every page seems to be nonsense.

Perhaps, the next time you run out to the market, you could get him some more of those pens? He definitely likes the blue ones you bought him the other day.

What’s that? You didn’t buy those? Well, I always thought you might be a regifter. Ever since you got me that shower mat—you know, the one with the red and green flowers on it? It’s not a big deal though—I’ve quite enjoyed them! Ah, but look at the time. Next week?



Hello there! This is part 3. See part 1 and part 2.


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Twinkle-dee blinkle-dee winkle-dee…

I wonder what they think of me?

With my wooden shoe

And my eyes of sky blue

They’re scared of what I’ll do.


Maybe it’s ‘cause I don’t drink milk,

Maybe it’s ‘cause I only wear silk.

Maybe it’s ‘cause I laugh with a cackle,

Maybe it’s ‘cause of the horseshoe debacle.

Maybe it’s ‘cause I spritz when I flitter,

Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m covered in glitter.


Whatever it is, they care what I do

And I’m here on the fence singing “Tweedle-dee-doo”


Blue, bleu, bloo, blew.

Boy, it’s such a wonderful view.


There are stars in the sky

And the river below runs dark.

There are vulture’s flying by,

Look! There goes uncle Mark!


Look at the fiery red of his hair!

…What do you mean there’s nobody there?

He’s right there, standing next to the fire.

Are you calling me a liar?


Tweedle-dee, tweedle-dee, tweedle-dee-do,

Boy, gimme a minute and I’ll show you.


I’ll show you all what it means to fly!

Out over the skies, a-way up high!

Just watch me jump off and take the leap!

I wonder if then maybe they’ll weep.



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