What is the value

Of nothing?


Think of that empty space

Between your hollow doorway

And the angry, outside world.

Nothingness has saved you.


Think of the silence that rests

Between your last words

And their first thoughts.

In those moments, the air

Feels heavier than the ocean

As its waves break against your back.

And yet it is lighter

Than the gentlest breeze.


Because the unknown is full of surprises,

And nothingness

Is the most unknown thing of all.


Nothing begets value.

For something to have worth

People must know what it means

To be worthless.


We fight, and burn, and bleed

Our whole lives away

So that we can be something.

Because to be nothing

Is to be worthless.


But I see the world

Through a different lens.

To be nothing is to be…


To be…


To be…


To be originality.


To be nothing is to be

The name that hides

In the corners of every room.


To be nothing is to be

The darkness in between

The shadow and the man.


To be nothing is to be

The blank page before

The writer begins their story.


To be nothing is to be

The catalyst of revolution

Tens years before the ideas

Spring into the philosopher’s mind.


To be nothing is to be great.

Because there is nothing

That can compare to it.



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