My whole life I have pondered

Who and what I should be.

A writer, a scientist, a teacher.

Even a card game player.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.


At least, that’s what they tell you.

“Follow your dreams!”


But sometimes,

The world is not so kind.

Sometimes I have found myself at the crossroads

Where I’ve had to choose left or right.

Right or wrong.

Kind or cruel.


I like to think I chose kind,

The path grassy, and with want of wear,

Though in truth, don’t we all?

And for those of us who know we haven’t,

Is it worth trying to wander back

To the road less traveled?


Zeppelin told me

There was still time

To change the road I was on.

What they forgot to mention

Was that to change roads,

I would need to find an off ramp.

For a U-turn in L.A. traffic

Would prove perilous.


And on that off ramp

I might see

All the homeless men, women and children

That I have left in the cold.


I mean, I didn’t leave them there—

Our corrupt society did that.

…And yet, my car seats four,

But I ride alone.


So perhaps, I can change.

But that change can only come

Through the pain of the past,

A pain often left in the shadows.



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