FIFTY WORD STORY – Thanksgiving Trip

Sixty miles in a car strip away the years like the wind strips away the heat of Los Angeles. Suddenly, I am seven years old again, trying to lug a suitcase up the tower of wooden stairs. The distraction of new smells tug at me to run to the table.



Hello there! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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As we sit around the thanksgiving table

Let us not forget those that make us stable

Let us not forget those who have sacrificed

Let us not forget those who still pay the price.
All the people who struggle to find food.

All the people who want water that’s good.

All the people frozen at Standing Rock

Who have been cheated by the white mans talk.
Can we take a moment to love,

And look on at the stars above?

One moment to see each other,

As siblings of the same mother?
We need to stop bleeding

We need to start feeling.

We need to love life

And not give in to strife.
One people.

No evil.

To bring us

Our justice.